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3D Movie Glasses  


If you want to see 3D programs and movies, the answer is yes. 3D TV is no different than 3D in the cinema. Someday you may not need glasses, but don’t look for that to happen very soon.


If you are in the market for a new TV and if you enjoy 3D movies in the movie theater, you should definitely consider a 3D TV. Since most of your initial viewing will be 2D (normal TV) you want to make this your first priority. Choose a TV that looks great for normal standard and high definition programs. After you are satisfied that you are seeing a high quality picture on normal video content, then you can evaluate the 3D functionality. To assist your evaluation of this Samsung TV, Breier Audio/Video has calibrated it with our Sencore color analyzer. This will allow you to see the full capability of the TV on both standard, high definition and high definition 3D programming. And, an added benefit of this Samsung TV is its ability to simulate a 3D picture from a standard DVD or TV program. The effect is subtle but it does add depth to the image.


Currently, 3D programming is very limited, just like High Definition programming was limited when HDTVs first came out. In the near term 3D programming will come from three sources:

3D Blu-ray discs; DirecTV and Cable TV.

3D BLU-RAY DISCS. The movie studios are already beginning to release a few movies on the new 3D Blu-ray disc format. You will require a 3D Blu-ray player to view these 3D movies. 3D movies will not play on standard Blu-ray players.

DirecTV. DirecTV has committed to airing three, high definition 3D channels. Their first HD 3D programming is scheduled to begin in June with the World Cup Soccer match. If you own a DirecTV high definition satellite receiver, you have probably already received your free upgrade that will allow you to view the new 3D channel.

CABLE TV. The cable providers are also committed to providing programming in HD 3D. Both Time Warner and Cox cable have already aired portions of the Masters Golf Tournament here in San Diego on a special 3D channel. Excerpts of the Masters are still available to anyone with an HD cable box and a 3D TV. To find this 3D program go to OnDemand, select FreeZone and then look for the Masters Golf Tournament. ESPN will have a high definition 3D channel that will show live sporting events. Additional 3D channels are in the works from Disney, Discovery, HDNet and others. The MLB All-Star game is scheduled to be broadcast this summer in 3D.


This is true. According to the American Optometric Association a small segment of the population (3 to 9 million people) may not be able to enjoy the 3D experience because of binocular vision problems. Although the symptoms vary from person to person, an AOA survey showed that the most common complaints experienced by people who suffer from 3D vision complications were headaches (13%), blurred vision (12%) and dizziness (11%). How will you react? The best way to find out is to come into the store and try it out. In the short time that Breier Audio/Video has been demonstrating 3D TV for our client's, the vast majority have had a very positive reaction. A number of people have commented that they didn't really expect to be impressed by 3D but were pleasantly surprised by the experience.


In simple terms, 3D TVs alternately show an image for the left eye and then the right eye. The left eye image is shown in 120th of a second followed by the right eye image in the next 120th of a second. The result is that a full 3D frame is completed 60 times per second. The 3D glasses use LCD shutter lenses that are activated by a signal from the TV. When the left eye image is displayed on the TV screen the TV sends a signal to the glasses causing the left lens to be transparent and the right lens to darken. When the right eye image is displayed on the TV screen the process is reversed. Your brain does the rest, combining the two images into one three- dimensional picture. For the best 3D experience your seating location should be in front of the TV, or no more than 30 degrees left or right of the center axis.

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